Welcome to the brand new k9rescue.com! We have redesigned our site to make things easier for you to locate and we hope made it more pleasing for you to view!

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We are in need of foster homes. If you have space in your home and in your heart to help please click HERE to send us an email so we can talk to you further about it

There are two places for you to see our dogs available for adoption. The first one is above. That link will take you to the page listing all the dachshunds who need new forever homes on one page. The link to the right will be take you to the information about the dachsie’s name you click. Take your pick they will both bring you to a dachshund in need of a new home.

Also on the right you can find links to rescue groups and organizations outside of the Buckeye state. If you are visiting our site from outside of Ohio they might be a good place to look for your new dachshund.

Thanks for visiting and we can’t wait to help match you with your new dachshund friend!


If the dog is adopted through our program, the dog’s character, temperament, health and physical condition represented by the Dachshund Rescue of Southwestern Ohio are in good faith. In some cases, the dachshunds are still living in the homes of their current owners and the group acts as a “match-maker” to find the dog a new home. It is suggested that the potential owners ask enough questions of the current owners since they will be assuming any and all liability and responsibility of the dachshund. There are no warranties, representations or promises flowing from the Dachshund Rescue of Southwestern Ohio to any potential owner.

In all cases, by submitting your application, the potential and new owner(s) agrees to release, hold harmless and forever discharge the Dachshund Rescue of Southwestern Ohio , it’s directors, officers, agents, members and volunteers from any and all claims arising from adoption of any dog. Submitting your application does not guarantee placement of a dog in your home.