Dewey – Dewey has been neutered. He will be 3 years old on March 15. He is
a smooth haired red “tweenie” dachshund and weighs 23 pounds. (He is a
little over weight right now, but on a diet.) He is up to date on shots and
is in perfect health other than his emotional issues. He is housebroken,
crate trained and minds very well. He is sweet, he loves to cuddle, play
fetch, go for walks and always wants to be near you. He is affectionate and
protective but means well. When a large dog became part of Dewey’s household
he became very fearful and started a pattern of submissive urination. Dewey
needs a quiet home where events and expectations are quite consistent and
predictable. Dewey is still with his owner in central Ohio.

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